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Winter Skin Problems and Five Ways to Fix Them

How are y’all doing? I’m totally ready for St. Simon’s Island, iced tea, and super hot, humid weather already! It hasn’t been cold here that long but, oh my stars, I am done with the dry skin, itchy skin, and alligator scales! The cold front last week caused all of those typical winter skin problems we all hate. I was in need of a major skin care overhaul. Thankfully I found the best solution ever, and now, all I do is brag about my skin and the incredible work of Miss Karen!

After an amazing facial, I was able to leave with five amazing tips from Miss Karen of Miss Karen’s Skincare!  She is an absolute dream; not only was it super fun, but she is also an RN, going on BSN, so she could explain everything to me from a medical perspective which I love- and I got to feel smarter when I left. Totally a win win!

This how to turn those winter skin problems around:

  1.     For an extra layer of protection, add 2-5 drops of a facial oil, apply a balm or use a heavier moisturizer at night to hydrate your skin for the day.  Your skin will absorb that oil and help hydrate at a deeper level.
  2.  Switching your foaming cleanser to a gel or cream cleanser will help if your skin feels tight after washing.
  3. Heaters can dehydrate the skin by causing more (trans-epidermal-water-loss) aka TEWL.  Using a humidifier where you use the heater the most will help combat the extra drying factor.
  4.  Increasing salmon, almonds and olive oil or coconut oil to increase healthy fats are an easy way to that hydrate from within.Try this incredible salmon recipe. It’s always a great go to for dinner! 
  5. Layer your products from lightest weight to heaviest weight.  Example is apply water based-serums first, then gels, creams, oils and ointments last.  

My skin is getting back to normal, and I am thrilled! If you’re in Austin, Miss Karen actually makes her own products for clients, it is absolutely worth a visit!

How are you handling the crazy weather changes and the effects on your skin?

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