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Succulents Goals : Growing Together

Goals: Succulent Goals! This year, I wanted to set goals instead of resolutions to see if it would actually help me stick to them! One of my biggest goals was to start a small succulent garden! Never have I ever grown anything before, so this one should be really fun… A little research and way too much time on Etsy confirmed that succulents are supposed to be very difficult to kill so, let’s give it a shot + they have the cutest planter and decor ideas ever!

I wanted to pick something that would encourage me to keep going, since this was my first attempt I thought I would play it safe! These great succulents on Amazon are some of the better priced plants I have found! I haven’t gotten them yet, but I’ll update here when I do! I order this soil I’m sure you could pick it up at any hardware or gardening store close by, but if you have Prime, might as well!

Succulent Assortment

Concrete Mini Planter by BirchBearandBee

 Concrete Mini Planter by BirchBearandBee

Photo: BirchBearandBee

A very fitting planter by InkLetterLove

please don't die succulent planter by InkLetterLove

Photo: InkLetterLove

This wouldn’t be complete without a MONOGRAM planter by RootedInSucculents

Monogram succulent planter by RootedInSucculents

Photo: RootedInSucculents

What are your goals this year and how are you encouraging yourself? Sweeter in the South would love to hear!

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