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Hostessing Guests from out of Town: Tips and Tricks

Hostessing Out of Town Guests


Hostessing guests is one of my favorites! Nothing is more fun than reconnecting with friends who have moved, your best friend, or your fave family members. It slightly reminds me of the overwhelming excitement you get when your best friend spends the night and y’all get to sleep in the living room and stay up super late… except a little more grown up… or not (no judgement, right?)

I think the key to hostessing any event, no matter how big or small is being well prepared. I’ve gathered up my favorite things, where to find them, and what to do with them!

Make a “Welcome Home” setting in the room:

Suite One Studio Mimira Mug- Perfect for Hostessing Guest with beautiful refreshments

Photo: Suite One Studio

Adding a soft soy candle, fresh flowers, a mug, and a few flavored teas on top of a complementary serving platter makes a room sweet and inviting. Keep an electric water kettle in the room so your guest will be able to enjoy a late night or early morning refresher without worrying about waking up the house! Suite One Studio has some of the most precious flat ware around, be sure to check out their Instagram-Shop!

Framed Wifi Passoword:

Framed Wifi Print Out by savedbygraceco

photo: savedbygraceco

Leave your network and password on a printable from Etsy. Cute + Informative = Can’t Go Wrong. I love this one from savedbygraceco.

A Handmade Card:

Words are something no one can buy! Scratch down a few sweet thoughts about your guest to let them know you’ve been looking forward to their stay! They’ll feel loved, welcomed, and comfortable. Check out Stampin’ Up for fun, diy card kits like this Oh So Succulent set , or grab one of my favorites from Stately Made!

Oh So Succulent Stamp Card Set from Stampin' Up

Photo: Stampin’ Up

Bonus Tips for Hostessing Guests:

  1. Keep extra blankets at the foot of the bed, just in case your guests get chilly.
  2. Leave easily accessible breakfast and coffee/tea supplies in the kitchen so your guests can help themselves.
  3. Have fun activities planned for the next day to take them around your town and introduce them to your favorite small businesses! Shop my faves below and let me know what you think!

How do you and your families welcome guests? What have your favorite overnight experiences been?

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